Say “I LOVE YOU!” with Personalized Books for Kids!

Boy Reading Personalized BooksTell your children that you love them NO MATTER WHAT! Even when they don’t behave as you wish. Even when they disagree with you. Even when they’re far away from you. Don’t stop saying it when you think they’ve “outgrown” the need to hear the words. We never outgrow the need to be told that we are loved and lovable. This is why personalized books for kids with a loving message can become a lifelong keepsake and treasured gift.

Personalized Books for Kids are a Great Way to Tell Your Kids You Love Them!

Our PERSONALIZED LOVE BOOK and PERSONALIZED BEDTIME STORY can be a great way to express your love for a child in your life. With an inspiring and personalized children’s book, reading aloud can be a very loving and bonding activity.

According to Katherine Stone reading aloud to children is an essential bonding experience.

Top Benefits of Reading Personalized Children’s Books

  1. Quality Time Together. Reading together brings you closer to your children.
  2. Inspiration. Books inspire discussion, ideas, creativity, and more – in both you and your children.
  3. Tricky Topics. Books help kids discuss topics they might feel uncomfortable raising on their own, such as fears, anxieties, peer pressure, etc.
  4. Learning about Each Other. You will learn so much about your children as you discover which books they prefer, which topics they are drawn to, etc.
  5. Learning about the World. A book can open new doors, new windows, new worlds to kids.
  6. Learning about Language. A book is a fun and entertaining way to educate your child on language, reading comprehension, and abstract ideas.
  7. Love for Reading. By reading aloud with your children, your setting a lifelong pattern and example for them.

Expressing Love to Kids

There are so many wonderful and creative ways to express your love to kids, including:

  • Patient and deep listening
  • Big hugs and loving tackles
  • Telling kids what they have taught you
  • Asking kids what inspires them
  • Simply spending quiet, quality time together