Personalized Books for Kids with Love & Inspiration

If you’re looking for personalized books full of love and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Our personalized books include bedtime stories for kids, love poems for kids, inspirational quotes for kids, and affirmations for kids. Moreover, we feature personalized baby books; personalized bedtime books; birthday books for kids; custom coloring books; and much more. Our books can be purchased on Amazon in several countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands and Spain.

Personalized Books with Inspirational Coloring Pages

Personalized Books for Kids: A Quick Guide

At Live Well Media, we create personalized books to engage, inspire and empower children. For this reason, our personalized children’s books feature inspiration for kids. Specifically, our personalized books include: love poems for kids; positive affirmations for kids; inspirational quotes for kids; inspirational stories; and inspirational coloring pages. Below, we have organized the personalized books into categories.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

If you’re looking for a “time for bed story”, then check out our personalized bedtime stories.

  • I Love You to the Moon is an adorable bedtime story and our bestselling personalized book. Filled with love poems, this beautiful picture book is a wonderful way to put any child to sleep.
  • A Lullaby of Love features love and gratitude poems. According to research, an attitude of gratitude helps all of us sleep better. In fact, focusing on gratitude eases anxiety at bedtime and promotes slumber.
  • A Bedtime Story features sleep affirmations. Also, this personalized book includes soothing blue colors. The color blue lowers blood pressure.
  • I Love You Fur-ever is a bedtime story especially designed for dog lovers. Treat your dog-loving child with this sweet and funny bedtime story.

Birthday Books for Kids

All in all, our personalized books make the best birthday gifts for kids! However, we have two books especially designed as birthday gifts.

  • Birthday Wishes is a birthday book full of love and joy! With birthday wishes and birthday poems, this personalized book is a fun and uplifting way to celebrate any child’s birthday.
  • Birthday Jokes is a personalized coloring book with festive illustrations and birthday jokes for kids. Give the gift of laughter with this kids joke book!

Personalized Baby Gifts

Most of our personalized books make exceptional gifts, including personalized baby gifts and baby shower gifts. However, one book in particular has a message designed especially for a newborn baby.

Love You Forever Books

If you want to tell a child that they are loved unconditionally, we have a great selection of personalized books for you.

Personalized Books with Inspirational Stories for Kids & Moral Stories for Kids

Most of our personalized books spark inspiration and love. However, the books below are especially designed to empower kids.

  • Spread Love is a multicultural children’s book with an inspirational story and moral story for kids. In addition, it has received some of our best customer reviews!
  • Encouragement for You offers the inspirational message “You Can Do It” with adorable illustrations and fun rhymes for kids. It’s a wonderful way to cheer on and motivate a child.
  • I Love Me! is a story full of positive affirmations. With affirmations for kids, this personalized book is designed for building self-esteem in children and building confidence in children.
  • In addition, the coloring books Positive Affirmations for Kids and Inspirational Quotes for Kids feature inspirational coloring pages.

Personalized Books with Gratitude Poems for Kids

If you want to inspire an attitude of gratitude, consider the following gratitude books.

Personalized Children’s Books with Inspirational Quotes for Kids and Affirmations for Kids

Why do we fill our personalized books and bedtime stories with unconditional love, inspirational quotes and affirmations for kids? Because a happy mind is a healthy mind! According to studies, affirmations can improve children’s performance under stress. Furthermore, inspirational quotes can increase motivation and alleviate depression. With this in mind, our personalized books make empowering and inspirational gifts for kids.

Why do we fill our children’s book with rhymes for kids? Because kids love rhymes! Moreover, research shows that rhymes help children with language skills.

All in all, personalized books and bedtime stories offer many benefits to kids and parents. Bedtime stories are an important part of a child’s bedtime routine. In addition, children love to hear their name read aloud. Not only does name-repetition focus attention, it can also boost self-esteem. So, what are you waiting for? Give a gift of love and inspiration to a special child in your life!

Personalized Books for Kids