Personalized Baby Gifts & Personalized Books with Lots of Love

Welcome! We specialize in personalized baby gifts and personalized kids books full of love and inspiration. Our library of personalized books includes baby books, bedtime stories, birthday books and holiday books for kids. In our personalized baby gift books and children’s books, you’ll find cute rhymes, inspirational stories, positive affirmations and lots of love.

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Personalized Baby Gifts & Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our cute and loving personalized books are often given as baby gifts and baby shower gifts. In fact, I Love You to the Moon is a best-seller on Etsy as a baby book and baby gift. In addition, I Love You to the Moon is also perfect as gifts for 1 year old, gifts for 2 year olds, gifts for 3 year olds, gifts for 4 year olds, gifts for 5 year olds and up.

For more baby shower gift ideas, check out our other personalized baby books.

  • I Love You to the Moon is a personalized baby book filled with loving and funny rhymes. All in all, this beautiful bedtime story is a wonderful way to put any baby or child to sleep.
  • A Lullaby of Love is a personalized book full of love and gratitude. According to research, an attitude of gratitude helps kids sleep better. In fact, focusing on gratitude eases anxiety at bedtime and promotes slumber.
  • Celebrating You is a personalized baby book and baby gift about the delightful adventures ahead for the baby as well as what the baby already has: LOVE.

Best Baby Gifts & Gifts for 1 Year Old, 2 Year Old, 3 Year Old, 4 Year Old, 5 Year Old & Up

While most of our personalized books make the best gifts for 1 year old, many are perfect for toddlers and older kids as well.

  • A Bedtime Story is a personalized book and bedtime story with sleep affirmations to soothe babies, toddlers and children to sleep.
  • I Love You Fur-ever is a fun and funny personalized book and bedtime story especially designed for dog lovers.

Personalized Birthday Gifts

Overall, any of our personalized books make the best birthday gifts for kids. However, we have two books especially designed as personalised birthday gifts.

  • Birthday Wishes is a personalized birthday gift full of love and joy! With birthday wishes and birthday poems, this personalized book is a fun and uplifting way to celebrate any child’s birthday.
  • Birthday Jokes is a customized coloring book with fun and funny birthday jokes for kids.

Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for more personalized gift ideas, we offer personalized kids books full of unconditional love.

Personalized Gifts – Gratitude for Kids

If you want to inspire an attitude of gratitude, check out the following personalized gift books. Each personalized kids book is full of thankfulness and gratitude for kids.

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts & Personalized Books

Why do we fill our personalized baby books with unconditional love, inspirational quotes and affirmations for kids? Because a happy mind is a healthy mind! According to studies, affirmations can improve children’s performance under stress. Furthermore, inspirational quotes can increase motivation and alleviate depression. With this in mind, our personalized baby books and children’s books make empowering and inspirational gifts for kids.

All in all, our personalized baby books offer many benefits to kids and parents. Personalized bedtime stories are an important part of a child’s bedtime routine. In addition, children love to hear their name read aloud. Not only does name-repetition focus attention, personalization can also boost self-esteem. So, give a personalized gift of love and inspiration to a special child in your life!