I Love You to the Moon: Personalized Book & Bedtime Story for Kids, Toddlers & Babies

Personalized Book & Bedtime Story for Kids: I Love You to the Moon and BackI LOVE YOU TO THE MOON: Personalized Book and Bedtime Story for Kids, Toddlers, Babies with Love Poems for Kids

I Love You to the Moon is our best-selling personalized book and bedtime story for kids, toddlers and babies. Not only does this personalized children’s book offer a soothing bedtime story for kids, but this softcover picture book also includes sweet and funny love poems for kids. Moreover, this personalized book and bedtime story features adorable sleeping animals that children will love. Overall, I Love You to the Moon conveys a message of unconditional love. As a result, I Love You to the Moon makes a very special personalized gift and bedtime story for babies, toddlers and kids. Order to Buy on Lulu or Buy on Etsy

If you would like to soothe a child to sleep with love poems, then I Love You to the Moon is perfect. Furthermore, studies show that bedtime stories for kids can improve brain health. Moreover, according to research, bedtime stories also strengthen the parent/child bond. In addition, children can benefit from personalized books. In fact, studies show that the name-repetition in personalized books can boost self-esteem for kids.

So, say “I love to the moon and back” to a special child with this personalized book and bedtime story for kids. I Love You to the Moon is one of our best bedtime stories, bedtime stories for kids, bedtime stories for babies, bedtime stories for toddlers, personalized bedtime stories, personalized baby gifts, and personalized books for kids, toddlers and babies. Before you buy this personalized book, you may read and view this bedtime story below.


I Love You to the Moon: View Book Below

When you purchase this bedtime story for kids, the name “SOPHIA” will become the child’s name of your choice. Additionally, the appearance of text and colors on your screen may vary slightly from the printed book. (The text “Copyrighted Material” does not appear in the printed version of the book.)



Personalized Book & Bedtime Story

  • Child’s name on Cover, Title Page, Dedication Page, and throughout the Book
  • Personalized Book Measurements: 8-1/2 inches by 8-1/2 inches
  • Book Cover: Glossy Soft Cover
  • Book Pages: 30 story pages

Bedtime Story for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

If you are seeking beautiful, bedtime stories for kids, then buy I Love You to the Moon today. This personalized book is perfect to read as bedtime stories for kids, bedtime stories for toddlers, and bedtime stories for babies. But what makes this bedtime story so special?

First, this bedtime story features love poems for kids. By and large, children adore rhymes. In fact, rhymes and poems for kids can be helpful in building vocabulary and confidence.

Secondly, personalized books can make a positive impact. On the whole, research shows that the repetition of a child’s name in personalized books can boost attention and self-esteem.

Thirdly, studies show that a bedtime story can boost brain health, language skills, and the adult/child bond, which is good news indeed!

All in all, bedtime stories make an essential part of a child’s bedtime routine. In fact, bedtime stories nourish a positive attitude toward sleep. If you want to give a gift of love and peace, then give I Love You to the Moon — a very special personalized book and bedtime story.

I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON: Love Poems for Kids

If you’re looking for love poems for kids, then I Love You to the Moon is perfect. Overall, this bedtime story for kids offers cute and unique ways to say “I Love You to the Moon and Back” to a special child. By and large, children need reminders of unconditional love. For this reason, we created a bedtime story for kids that is full of love. In addition, the rhyming and repetition in the book can boost reading and language skills. As a result, I Love You to the Moon makes a great bedtime story for kids.

I Love You to the Moon: Bedtime Story for Kids and Personalized Book with Good Night Poems and Love Poems for Kids


Book Reviews for this Bedtime Story for Kids

Beautiful Keepsake – This was a gift for my new granddaughter. A keepsake she will have forever! I read it to her every time we are together! It’s beautiful ❤️~ Cindy C

“Just lovely! The $20 is priceless for this keepsake. I bought this as a gift for my God Daughter Adalynn, and it just melted hearts! A great keepsake for her first birthday and my son enjoys reading her name to her on every page!” ~ Lynn

“Gender neutral and perfect. My 2 year old wanted a book that was purely ‘his’ for Christmas… this will be absolutely perfect for our Riley. Glad I found it, and very glad it’s gender neutral as not all Rileys are girls!” ~ Engineer of Things

“Sweet book for sweet child! Perfect little book for my grandson Emmett. I love the sentiment it conveys. We read it together often!” ~ Patty

“It’s the perfect gift for the parents. This and another personalized book from Suzanne Marshall arrived the day Olivia was born. Her Dad went home to pick up a few things, picked up the package and her parents haven’t stopped reading them to her. They love them and it’s the perfect gift for the parents who have everything!” ~ Mirta V.

“You will not be disappointed. Awesome book! These books are very very nice and very well made. Also the price was very reasonable.” ~ DD

“Great book for little ones. My niece loves this book. Her parents were delighted to have a book that they can read to her each night that calls out her name and reinforces how much she is loved.” ~ Patricia A

More Book Reviews for this Personalized Book for Kids

“Adorable with child’s name on each page!!! This book is adorable. My grandson’s name is on each page and the illustrations are really cute. Can’t wait for him to see it.” ~ Suzanne P

“Love it. My daughter was so happy!” ~ Mom of Ten

“Five stars. So happy w this sweet book. Absolutely recommend.” ~ LM

“Purchased this for my granddaughter as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loved it. She brought it to my house 2 days later when she was sleeping over for me to read to her. My other daughter (not her mother) was reading it not realizing her daughter would be opening the Kaylee version the following morning! She too loved it!” ~ CT

“Love love love this personalized book, the book without personalization is sooo sweet, but it is better with the name.” ~ H. Littell

“The book is wonderfully sweet with beautiful illustrations. My granddaughter’s new favorite.” ~ Reese

Additional Book Reviews for I Love You to the Moon

“My granddaughter loves it!” ~ Stephanie D.

“Loved it! Colorful and his named is in it many times. Great gift!” ~ Judy

“One of my favorites.” ~ Steve D.

“Very nice gift.” ~ Nitro B.

“Very nice gift.” ~ Douglas C.

“Great book!! Loved this book, it was perfect for a baby shower gift! Such a cute gift.” ~ Amazon Customer

“This is for my grandson and I love it!!!” ~ Amazon Customer

“My granddaughter loves it.” ~ Amazon Customer

If You Want a Bedtime Story for Kids with Love Poems for Kids, Then Give I Love You to the Moon Today