A Lullaby of Love: Personalized Bedtime Book for Kids

Personalized Bedtime Book: A Lullaby of LovePersonalized Bedtime Book with Love & Gratitude

All in all, this personalized bedtime book is perfect for baby shower gifts and keepsake gifts for kids of all ages. In this personalized bedtime book, musical animals play a lullaby to the star of the story (given the name of your choice). Along with adorable illustrations of animals, this personalized book features cute rhymes full of love and gratitude. According to research, an attitude of gratitude improves children’s sleep (and adults too). Moreover, studies show that giving thanks can make you happier. In fact, creating a habit of gratitude before bed can be especially beneficial for a child’s sleep. So, if you’re looking for baby shower gifts or loving gifts for kids of any age, this personalized bedtime book is a wonderful choice. Overall, this personalized book is designed to inspire gratitude, love and sound sleep. Before you buy, you may read the entire book below.

Personalized Bedtime Book – View Below

Give a personalized gift that celebrates gratitude for kids! When you purchase this bedtime story for kids, the name “SOPHIA” will become the child’s name of your choice – BOY OR GIRL. Additionally, the appearance of text and colors on your screen may vary slightly from the printed book. (“Copyrighted Material” does not appear in the printed book.)


Personalized Bedtime Book – Highlights

  • Child’s name on Cover, Title Page, Dedication Page, and throughout the Book
  • Personalized Book Measurements: 8-1/2 inches by 8-1/2 inches
  • Book Cover: Glossy Soft Cover
  • Book Pages: 26 story pages

Gratitude Book for Baby Shower Gifts, Toddler Gifts, Gifts for Girls & Gifts for Boys

Give baby shower gifts & toddler gifts full of gratitude! What are the benefits of personalized books with gratitude? First of all, according to studies, gratitude can improve sleep and boost happiness. In fact, teaching kids gratitude can lead to lower rates of depression and stress in children.

Second, this personalized book features sweet and funny rhymes. According to research, rhymes benefit kids for many reasons. To start with, rhymes can improve children’s language skills. Not only that, rhyming is fun! The playfulness of rhymes adds to a child’s enjoyment of reading and learning.

Third, bedtime stories and personalized books can make a powerful and positive impact on kids. On the whole, name repetition can boost attention and self-esteem in kids.

Fourth, studies show that bedtime stories for kids (especially one filled with gratitude for kids) can boost brain health and the adult/child bond.

All in all, bedtime stories and personalized books for kids make an essential part of a child’s bedtime routine. In fact, bedtime stories nourish a positive attitude toward sleep.

So, if you want to give a gift of love and gratitude for kids, then give A Lullaby of Love. This personalized bedtime story makes the best baby shower gifts, toddler gifts, gifts for girls and gifts for boys.

Teaching Kids Gratitude with Bedtime Stories

Teaching kids gratitude rocks! If you would like to read more about gratitude for kids, please click on the links below.

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Book Reviews for A Lullaby of Love (Bedtime Story for Kids)

“5 stars! Such a cute book with beautiful illustrations and wonderful meanings. My friend loved it (I got it for her baby shower/ future daughter, Ellie).” ~ Ashley J.

“Your Child will love it! Wonderful book. A thoughtful and caring story. The personalization gives the book so much meaning and encouragement to the child.” ~ Magnum

“Personalized baby book is a wonderful gift. This book was a hit at baby shower. The name was on every page of this beautiful book. Excellent gift idea.” ~ Louisa M

“What a great gift! This little book is so cute – I am going to a baby shower where they requested books instead of cards – great idea. So this one, was only $20 and I was able to personalize it with the new baby’s name and it came in 3 days!! so excited, cute and paperback. thank you so much for this option – I have looked around and some of the personalized books are close to $50 with shipping. such a great deal. will buy again.” ~ sdcamarochick

“Great quality. Love this book!” ~ Dana H

“Great book! Beautiful book with quick shipping!” ~ Snicket35

“He loved it.” ~ Crystal R