Goodnight Poems for Children

Here is a carefully selected collection of goodnight poems for children.


Goodnight Song

Goodnight Poem by Laura Richards

Slightly paraphrased for children.

Goodnight, Sun! Go to bed!
Take your crown from your shining head.
Now put on your gray nightcap,
And shut your eyes for a good long nap.

Goodnight, Sky, bright and blue!
Not a wink of sleep for you.
You must watch us all the night,
With your twinkling eyes so bright.

Goodnight, flowers! Now close up
Every swinging bell and cup.
Take your sleeping-draught of dew:
Pleasant dreams to all of you!

Goodnight, birds, that sweetly sing!
Little head ‘neath little wing!
Every leaf upon the tree
Soft shall sing your lullaby.

Last to you, little child,
Sleep is coming soft and mild.
Now sleep shuts your blue eyes bright:
Little child dear, goodnight!

A Charm to Call Sleep

Goodnight Poem by Henry Johnstone

Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep.
Come to my blankets and come to my bed,
Come to my legs and my arms and my head,
Over me, under me, into me creep.

Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep.
Blow on my face like a soft breath of air,
Lay your cool hand on my forehead and hair,
Carry me down through the dream-waters deep.

Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep.
Tell me the secrets that you alone know,
Show me the wonders none other can show,
Open the box where your treasures you keep.

Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep.
Softly I call you; as soft and as slow.
Come to me, cuddle me, stay with me so,
Stay till the dawn is beginning to peep.

The Sandman

Goodnight Poem by Evelyn Stein

The Sandman! hark, I hear him!
He’s coming up the stair,
And everybody near him
Is nodding, I declare!
He’s peeping in the door now,
And first of all he spies,
As he has done before now,
The little children’s eyes!
Then quickly does he throw it,
His golden sleepy-sand,
And all, before they know it,
Are off for sleepy-land!

Sleep, My Treasure

Goodnight Poem by E. Nesbit

Sleep, sleep, my treasure,
The long day’s pleasure
Has tired the birds,
to their nests they creep;
The garden still
is alight with lilies,
But all the daisies
are fast asleep.

Sleep, sleep, my darling,
Dawn wakes the starling,
The sparrow stirs
when he sees daybreak;
But all the meadow
is wrapped in shadow,
And you must sleep
till the daisies wake!

Goodnight, My Angel

Paraphrased from Lyrics by Billy Joel

Goodnight my angel,
Time to close your eyes.
Save questions for another day.
You should always know,
I am never far away.

Goodnight my angel,
Now it’s time to sleep.
Like a boat on the ocean,
in waters deep,
I’m rocking you to sleep.
Inside my heart,
you’ll always be
a part of me.

Goodnight my angel,
Now it’s time to dream.
Dream how wonderful
your life will be.
Some day a child may cry,
and if you sing this lullaby,
then in your heart,
there’ll always be a part of me.


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