Best Personalized Books Reviews by Jay Platt (Mr. Unstoppable)!

Jay Platt: One of Our Best Personalized Books ReviewsBig thanks to Jay Platt for one of our best personalized books reviews of I LOVE ME! — one of our personalized children’s books in our children’s bookstore.

Affirmations make a big difference…

I just read this book and loved it! Although it’s written for children, anyone (young or old) can benefit from its wisdom. I firmly believe that affirmations make a big difference in the way we see the world. And this book is written is such a way that kids of all ages will gain from it. Kudos, Suzanne, for writing it and for serving the world.

We agree that positive affirmations make a big difference in the way we see the world. That’s why we include them in our personalized children’s books. I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Jay’s inspirational book, NO MATTER WHAT!

NO MATTER WHAT! an inspirational book by Jay PlattRead this book – and realize you are unstoppable, too!

In No Matter What, Jay Platt takes us on an inspirational journey – full of dare-devil adventure, intense adversity, deep courage, and quiet faith.

From hiking 2160 miles to swimming with his hands/feet tied, Jay proves over and over again that – no matter what – he is unstoppable. In this highly motivational book, he sends out the message – loud and clear – that you and I are unstoppable, too.

In a down-to-earth and candid manner, Jay offers techniques that helped him combat fears, negative self-talk, and other self-defeating behaviors as he rose in the Marines, survived cancer, and overcame challenges in his life.

The book also includes poignant moments (i.e. when Jay calls his mom before a major surgery to remove his left eye) and humorous ones, too (i.e. when he moons a train to keep his word). One of my favorite passages is when a young girl reminds Jay to take a moment to listen to the birds.

The ongoing message of the book is that we all have the power to change our attitude, cope with adversity, and take the risks to get the most out of our lives, but Jay gives us more than a message. Each chapter ends with helpful tips as well as important questions to incite us to action. Thank you, Jay!

Read this book – and I bet you will realize you are unstoppable – and will want to go out and prove it, too!

For more inspiration, go to Jay’s website: — and don’t forget to check out the positive and personalized children’s books in our children’s bookstore.