Custom Coloring Books

Custom Coloring Books with Inspirational Quotes for Kids, Affirmations for Kids, and Jokes for Kids

At Live Well Media, we offer a wonderful selection of custom coloring books for kids. In our custom coloring books, we showcase the child’s own name in fun fonts – ready for coloring!

  • YOU ARE LOVED features words of encouragement for kids. In addition, children can color their own name in fun fonts. Also, the coloring pages include cute animals.
  • POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS FOR KIDS features affirmations for kids. Moreover, the recipient can color his or her own name in creative fonts! In addition, the coloring pages feature beautiful mandalas.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOK features funny birthday jokes for kids. Furthermore, the coloring pages showcase the child’s own name in fabulous fonts. Also, our kids joke book includes birthday illustrations to color. If you’re looking for a fun birthday gift, our HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOK is perfect.
  • INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR KIDS features motivational and inspirational quotes for kids. In addition, the coloring pages showcase the child’s own name in unique fonts.

Benefits of Custom Coloring Books

Custom coloring books offer many benefits. First, kids love coloring their own name! In fact, personalized coloring books can boost self-esteem. Moreover, our custom coloring books feature inspiration. Specifically, our books feature: inspirational quotes for kids; affirmations for kids; jokes for kids; and words of encouragement for kids.

In addition, our positive affirmations coloring book features mandalas. According to research, coloring mandalas can be meditative for kids (and adults too). Moreover, affirmations and inspirational quotes can help kids cope with stress. According to research, affirmations and inspirational quotes remind us of our values. When we stay centered in our values, we cope better during difficult times. So, why don’t you inspire someone today? Give them a custom coloring book! Personalize our books with any name.

If you shop on Amazon, you may come across our custom coloring books. If you don’t see the name you want, request any name using our online order form.