Personalized Bedtime Books for Kids

Personalized Bedtime Books for Kids at Affordable Prices

Give a beautiful bedtime story with unique personalization! With love and soothing stories, our personalized bedtime books for kids are designed to help children fall asleep. Click on the books below to learn more about each of our personalized bedtime books for kids.

  • I Love You to the Moon is one of our personalized books with a funny and loving bedtime story for kids.
  • A Bedtime Story is one of our personalized books with sleep affirmations and soothing blue images. According to research, affirmations can reduce stress in kids. In addition, the color blue is calming to kids (and adults too).
  • A Lullaby of Love is one of our personalized books with a bedtime story full of love and gratitude. According to studies, an attitude of gratitude helps improve sleep.
  • I Love You Fur-ever is one of our personalized books with a super cute and funny bedtime story for toddlers, babies and kids.

Personalized Bedtime Books for Kids, Babies & Toddlers

Our personalized bedtime stories make the best personalized books for babies, toddlers and kids. Why? When you buy bedtime stories for kids, you’re giving a healthy and loving gift. In general, bedtime is often challenging for parents and kids alike. However, creating a soothing bedtime routine can improve a child’s sleep. In fact, the best bedtime stories for kids soothe the mind and body. Furthermore, good bedtime stories for kids nourish a positive attitude toward sleep.

Personalized Bedtime Books with Gratitude & Sleep Affirmations

Since research shows that affirmations can improve mood, we feature sleep affirmations our personalized BEDTIME STORY. Consequently, this personalized book makes a very soothing bedtime story for kids. In addition, studies suggest that gratitude has the power to improve sleep. As a result, we pack a ton of gratitude in our LULLABY OF LOVE. In fact, all of our personalized books with bedtime stories are designed to prepare children for deep and healthy sleep.

Personalized Bedtime Stories for Self-Esteem

Why do our personalized books make such good bedtime stories for kids? Not only do our personalized books include a soothing bedtime story, but also, they offer unique personalization. When you buy our personalized books, you instantly make your recipient feel special. In fact, studies show that name repetition gives children a self-esteem boost. When kids hear their name spoken positively, they usually feel pretty good about themselves. In addition, the sound of a kid’s name can create a short “trance” in which the child waits with anticipation for whatever is said next. For this reason, our personalized books make the best bedtime stories for kids.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: A Healthy Choice

According to studies, bedtime stories for kids can boost brain health. In addition, bedtime stories for kids can improve the child/adult bond. In order to learn more about the benefits of bedtime stories, use the links below.