Best Personalized Books Reviews by Twins!

Personalized Books Reviews by Leila, Sasha and LukeBig thanks to Leila, Sasha and Luke for giving us one of our best personalized books reviews of I LOVE ME!

My twins give four thumbs up!

My twins, Sasha and Luke, were so captivated by Ms. Marshall’s first book Big Small Dog (featuring my daughter’s name), they could not wait for her sequel. I LOVE ME! is equally splendid.

Upon reading the book to my daughter, she exclaimed without solicitation, “Mommy, this chapter sounds like a prayer.”

After reflecting upon her comment, I realized that Ms. Marshall’s uncanny ability to touch the hearts of her readers in a deep and profound way is like a prayer: rich and melodious and resonating in universal truth.

My own gratitude and wonder for this gem of a book (illustrated with lovely drawings by the author) continues to unfold. I look forward to reading it to my son Luke, who, I am certain, will be equally mesmerized.

Ms. Marshall has a gift for touching the hearts of her young readers, as well as those who are young at heart.

I love Sasha’s comment that the positive affirmations sound like a prayer in this story for children. What a true and meaningful response! Affirmations can definitely be a type of prayer that strengthens our core as we ready ourselves for whatever the world offers today and tomorrow. The affirmations in this children’s book are especially written for kids.

As far as Abby Underdog is concerned, she says, “Woof, Woof, Woofity Woof!” I think that means she’s overjoyed.

We appreciate this beautiful 5-star review for I LOVE ME! — one of our personalized children’s books in our children’s bookstore.