“Be the Best Version of You!”

Personalized Books: Personalized Book of Affirmations for Kids (with any child's name)Motivational and inspirational quotes have grown more and more popular on social media today.

However, as powerful as these positive messages can be, affirmations go even deeper.

The potency of affirmations lies in personalizing and internalizing the positive message.

For example, the graphic above offers a great message:

“Be the Best Version of You.”

This is similar to a teacher, parent or friend giving you awesome advice, and while that’s fabulous, it’s even better if YOU are giving this advice to YOURSELF.

So let’s take the message above and turn it into an affirmation such as:

“I am the best version of me.” – OR – “I am becoming the best version of me.”

Affirmations demonstrate that you care enough about yourself to provide yourself with positive advice and wisdom. In addition, you are recognizing your own power to influence your state of mind.

Helping Children with Affirmations

Children (just like adults!) need to recognize and respect their own power to impact their attitude and confidence.

The earlier children embrace affirmations, the more likely they’ll excel at problem-solving.

When children feel defeated by failure or frustrated by challenges, affirmations can help remind them of their own capabilities.

Affirmations can be a way of calming as well as empowering ourselves when we’re facing a hurdle. What a great gift to give to a child, right?

Learning how to soothe themselves when they’re stressed is a skill that can help kids succeed in life!