A is for Affirmation (ebook)

Empower kids with this inspirational children’s book! Cute, clever and colorful, this inspirational kids book is full of ABC rhymes and affirmations for kids. From A to Z, each letter of the alphabet features positive affirmations especially designed for children.

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According to research, affirmations have a positive impact on kids, especially during times of stress. In this beautiful ebook, our kids’ affirmations promote an “I can do it!” attitude, reminding each child of their own abilities. Buy now on Amazon!

In addition to children’s affirmations, this fun ebook includes rhymes for kids. Rhyming children’s books can help kids with learning and language skills. Plus, rhymes make reading extra fun. Moreover, this kids ebook has been especially formatted for your Kindle or iPad, and is available as a Kindle Unlimited Kids Book.

So, if you want to inspire a child today, buy this motivational book for kids! Ebook highlights include: positive affirmations for kids; rhymes for kids; and colorful illustrations. Buy this ebook on Amazon today!